Picture of supposed DJI Mavic 2 drone surfaces

The Mavic 2 no longer branded'Mavic Pro which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

The Mavic 2 no longer branded ‘Mavic Pro’ which suggests that this new model may have multiple variations

DroneDJ has published an image of drone bearing the name "Mavic 2".

DJI declined to comment on the leak. It is much more aerodynamic than its predecessor, with a sleek form that balances style and function.

The Mavic Pro 2 is going to be more powerful.

Other potential specifications to the Mavic 2, as inferred from the picture, could be a larger f1/1.7 lens, which would indeed give the drone a greater field of view. While this could not mean anything, other people have pointed out that this particular release will not be for the DJI Mavic Pro II. The speculation is that the event will unveil the company's next drone after the DJI Mavic Pro, as the artwork for the event hints that imaging will be the highlight.

The Mavic Pro II may get a feature from the GoPro Karma: the removable gimbal.

The camera and gimbal have been fully revised in a similar fashion as the Mavic Air but the interesting element is the potentially replaceable nature of the camera, suggested by the secondary camera module circled bottom-left of the photo. A lighting connection is also shown.

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There is still no new date for the rescheduled DJI event, so it may still be awhile before the company is ready to showcase its latest Mavic drone.

The photos that leaked of the DJI Mavic Pro 2 do not show the rear legs.

Cooling vents feature at the front quarters of the model and the legs would appear to be deeper, possibly to remove the need for the commonly seen "leg extension" accessories fitted by many owners. DJI had announced an event for July 18 with the tagline "see the bigger picture", but it's since postponed it without offering a new date.

The arms of this drone are also rounded rather than featuring sharp and defined edges as per the original model.

We're now waiting for details about DJI's next press event, which may or may not take the wraps off the follow-up to the Mavic Pro.

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