World's ugliest dog Zsa Zsa dies just weeks after winning title

Zsa Zsa, the 'World's Ugliest Dog,' dies

World's Ugliest Dog, Zsa Zsa the English bulldog, dies weeks after winning title

A nine-year-old English bulldog has died just weeks after winning the title of World's Ugliest Dog.

Owner Megan Brainard of Anoka, Minnesota, told NBC's "Today " that Zsa Zsa died in her sleep Tuesday.

Zsa Zsa's winnings include a trophy and $1,500 - a cash amount that was also given to Underdog Rescue, the group that rescued her.

Zsa Zsa, who is named after actress Zsa Zsa Gabor, spent five years in a puppy mill in Missouri before being adopted by Brainard and her husband.

"I'm still in shock", she said. "It's probably going to be the same with her passing". Much like when she won the competition, the family is surprised by the news of her death.

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She picked Zsa Zsa up and took her outside and laid her down in the grass for the family to say their goodbyes. "She's been staying over at my dad's house", Brainard said in the report. Her hanging tongue and crooked teeth are the product of a pronounced underbite - Brainard told Today that small children often gave Zsa Zsa's tongue a handshake.

Though it may seem a dubious honor, the Ugliest Dog contest seeks to demonstrate "the importance of advocating for the adoration of all animals", according to its website.

Brainard said she named the pooch after Hungarian actress Zsa Zsa Gabor because she liked to lie on the couch "like a attractive model".

Zsa Zsa is known for her pink toenails and long tongue.

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