Love Island SPOILER: Alexandra given the power in double dumping bombshell

Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e

Georgia and Jack's kiss on Love Island ITV2/3e

But while Samira remained on the show, it seems she chose to pack Frankie a little something as a treat to keep him wanting more while she's away.

Mum of two Fay Knott claims that Idris is the father of one of her children, taking to Facebook to express her surprise and anger at his appearance on the steamy reality TV show.

He tells her: "I have really enjoyed the past few days getting to know you, we've had a great conversation and I have felt like it was really nice to give you a kiss".

Despite the attention from Idris, Samira made it clear that she wasn't interested in getting to know anyone else during her time in the villa when she said in the beach hut: "Right now, I feel like I can't think about anyone else".

"I've not had any connection in here with anyone and I had a little taste of that with Frankie and it's gone abruptly and I think I'd always be thinking 'What if.' I woke up this morning and I thought, it's my time to go..."

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Megan says: "You seem happier already having made your mind up".

Samira went on to say: "This decision is so, so hard". I'm devastated by it. I didn't expect to be tested again so soon but it is one of those things... Just follow my heart because I've never done that before I've always taken the back seat and now I need to go for it head on and leave and just go for Frankie... "It's actually a big lie its not fair I feel like break in in there myself tbh". I just wanted to say to you I do like you and I would like to get to know you more'.

"For everyone asking about Samira our relationship was definitely cut short and I can't wait to see her when she gets out". "We came in "Love Island" to find love and Samira found someone and it was taken away from her and she wants to carry that on and I respect her for that".

Later on, after she arrives at the villa, Alexandra says in Beach Hut: "Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that's what I'm looking for". I'm really sad but it's a good thing.

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2.

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