Prime Minister stems flow of Brexit resignations from her cabinet

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British Prime Minister Theresa May met with her shaken-up Cabinet on Tuesday (Wednesday NZ Time) as she tried to restore government unity after the resignations of two top ministers over Brexit.

Their resignations came after May chaired the first meeting of her new cabinet following the departure of Johnson and David Davis.

The Prime Minister is alleged to have blocked a suggested change from one of her ministers during the away day because it had already been approved by the German Chancellor.

The other two call on Britain to maintain a separate Value-Added Tax regime from the EU and force the PM to table primary legislation if she opts to keep the United Kingdom in the customs union.

Mrs May is pressing on with her Brexit plan, shrugging off the resignations of two senior ministers and the anger of eurosceptic lawmakers in her Conservative Party who have accused her of betraying her pledge of a clean break with the EU.

When Theresa May presented her government summary for Brexit at Chequers last Friday, she is reported to have told her cabinet ministers: "No, that's not possible, because I've already cleared it [the existing text] with Mrs. Merkel", according to the right-leaning Spectator political magazine.

But...who knows?" Speaking to reporters earlier, Tusk said: "The mess caused by Brexit is the biggest problem in the history of the EU-UK relations and remains unsolved with or without Mr Davis: "Unfortunately, the idea of Brexit has not left together with David Davis".

However the Daily Mail reported that Mr Rees-Mogg said Mr Johnson would make a "brilliant" prime minister.

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May replaced Johnson with a loyalist, former Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, and gave Davis' job to Dominic Raab in a bid to shore up her authority.

The ex-MP said there was a "plan" to curtail the role of the Brexit department.

Much as arithmetic suggests that they now don't have the support inside the parliamentary party to dislodge the Prime Minister, time is a-ticking for the hardline Brexiteers.

The foreign and Brexit secretaries have both quit over the plans.

A week ago Britain had strict red lines on Brexit, pro-EU lawmakers were "traitors" and the plan for Britain's future ties with the European Union after leaving the bloc were a jumble of platitudes and overweening ambition.

"The Prime Minister had promised to do things and in Chequers and ran away from her promises, that all those statements: Brexit means Brexit, we're not going to be half in half out, all the things she had said before seemed to have been swept away by giving into the pressure of the European Union in not having a proper Brexit".

Mr Watson said Labour was keeping the option of a second Brexit referendum open in the case that Parliament could not decide a way forward, though he stressed that this route was "highly, highly unlikely".

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