Red cat almost ruined an interview and became an Internet star

Hilarious moment politics professor's cat interrupts live TV interview by leaping on his HEAD

Polish academic unfazed by cat crawling on him during TV interview

Dr Targalski was talking about the political situation in Poland, amid a government crackdown on the country's independent supreme court.

This, of course, was amplified a year ago when Professor Robert Kelly now-famously had his interview hijacked by his kids and, in turn, became one of the funniest moments in television history.

It's reminiscent of the time North Korea expert Robert E Kelly was interrupted by his daughter and baby son during an interview with the BBC.

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Police officers took photographs of each other at the massive cave entrance, as pumps continued to suck out huge volumes of water. Three boys from the last group saved have ear infections. "I haven't asked the coach yet why he chose that order", he said.

The moggy was sat on a table near the academic as the interview began before deciding to find a more comfortable spot on his owner's shoulders. When the cat's tail blocks his eyes, he gently brushes it away.

Bouma tweeted a video of the historian and cat, with this inscription: "The Polish historian & political scientist Jerzy Targalski remained completely unruffled during our interview when this happened".

A new law forces Polish judges to retire at 65 rather an 70. Earlier, this month Lisio was seen during an interview when it tried to take a nap on Jerzy's lap.

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