We're over the moon. Ecstatic! British diver on Thai cave rescue

Richard Harris and his dive partner Craig Challen and the team of doctors he worked with and DFAT officers

SUPPLIED Richard Harris and his dive partner Craig Challen and the team of doctors he worked with and DFAT officers

In video shown at a press briefing, some of the parents were in tears as they looked through the glass. Some of the boys have already been visited by family.

"It was mostly a matter of clambering through mud, which was very tough", Ben Reymenants said.

"To see all that heroic bravery in the cave, and to get all the divers out, it's just such a touching event and so personal to me", he said in a video on Twitter. filmed at the rescue site.

Around 6pm local time on Tuesday it was a moment of relief for loved ones when the last child emerged from the cave, safely followed by the 25-year-old coach. "Anyone can bring this card to show it to the doctors, so the doctor can be alerted to any kinds of diseases and take care of them, such as colds", Thongchai told reporters.

Mr Stanton said the toughest part of the mission was bringing the boys back through the passage and admitted he was not certain they would succeed. They were all were rushed to the hospital mostly because of fear of infection.

The first group was rescued Monday, and the second and third groups early Tuesday. They will stay in hospital at least a week.

"Some have had muscle infections, cold, flu, and some psychologists have been taking care of them to relieve stress", Health Ministry Inspector Lertvirairatanapong said.

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Two days before the dramatic rescue bid began, another retired SEAL, Saman Kunan, died trying to set up oxygen tanks in a flooded tunnel. Thailand's decision to dive the boys out despite their weak condition and lack of diving experience was made when a window of opportunity was provided by relatively mild weather. Wetsuits and scuba gear still hung along a walkway at the entrance Wednesday, waiting to be sorted by Thai Navy officials.

But the rescue in murky water presents an added challenge.

Mr Shorten said he wanted to congratulate Adelaide anaesthetist Richard "Harry" Harris and all the others who worked on the rescue. "This mission was successful because of cooperation from everyone", he said.

The Thai government has thanked the Indian government and Kirloskar Brothers Limited, a Pune-based pump manufacturer, for the "offer of technical expertise in fluid management" through a subsidiary during the rescue of the football team.

John Volanthen said: 'We are not heroes, quite the opposite. "Without him, in this operation, I don't think we could have succeeded".

The rescued group are all now recovering in hospital.

"Wild Boars, keep fighting!" they chanted. The boys were put in green plastic toboggans and carried through: at some points, there were steep slopes with cascading waters and the rescuers had to use a pulley system to winch them up. "They thought they'd only be an hour", Banpot Korncam, father of the 13-year-old captain of the "Wild Boars" team, told media. "The coach was the one to choose", he said.

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