Stop washing and reusing your condoms, says United States government

Don't wash or reuse condoms, US agency advises Americans

CDC: 'Don't wash, reuse condoms!'

There are both male and female condoms available. Dr. Elizabeth Torrone, an epidemiologist at the CDC's Division of STD Prevention explained that reusing condoms is a form of its incorrect use and reusing these reduces their protective effects by causing them to slip, break or leak.

According to the CDC, condoms are a one-and-done kind of device.

This announcement comes as the CDC is also making sure men who have sex with men know they are now especially at risk of contracting Shigella - an infection with symptoms like diarrhoea, fever and abdominal pain - through rimming. Reusing a condom after a wash would also mean putting it on unrolled and wet.

Many on social media expressed surprise over the fact people reuse condoms, and some were even "disgusted" when the CDC issued the reminder.

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The agency's advice is to "use a fresh one for each sex act", with a link in the tweet directing users to a CDC page on condom effectiveness and how to correctly use the contraception.

The question arises why we cannot use a condom again? "Soap and water won't kill all of the tiny microorganisms on or inside the condom, and it can only make the latex more prone to tear", she said.

The US government wants you to know that washing and reusing your condoms is gross and wrong, as well as unhealthy.

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