A Dog Lick May Have Caused a Man to Lose His Limbs

Man loses all four limbs after dog lick leads to severe infection

Man Suffers Bacterial Infection After Dog Licks Him, Forced to Amputate Hands and Legs

A man who has been around dogs all his life has been forced to have all four of his limbs amputated after contracting a rare blood infection - believe to be caused by a dog lick.

The rare blood infection landed 48-year-old Greg Manteufel in the emergency room in late June, after he thought he'd contracted the flu, according to U.S. reports. But by the following morning, he was delirious, and his temperature had soared. After his wife rushed him to the hospital, she noticed his body was covered in bruises, as if he'd been beaten with a baseball bat, the Washington Post reported.

Greg is now recovering in the hospital.

Her husband was diagnosed with a blood infection caused by capnocytophaga, bacteria that is common in the saliva of cats and dogs but nearly never leads to illness, said Dr. Silvia Munoz-Price, an epidemiologist with Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin, where Manteufel is being treated.

The relatively rare infection with the bacterium, Capnocytophaga canimorsus, "hit him with a vengeance", according to Greg's wife, Dawn.

In 2016, the Journal of Hand Surgery wrote there had been 484 cases of sepsis from a dog or cat's saliva since 1961, making it a "comparatively rare condition".

Capnocytophaga canimorsus is commonly transmitted by dog bites and is usually life-threatening to people who suffer from alcoholism or are asplenic, meaning their spleens don't function normally.

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"Why him? Why did this happen to us?".

"It took a week and they were taking his legs", she told the television station. "He would touch any dog; he doesn't care", Dawn added.

Greg has been at Froedtert & the Medical College of Wisconsin in Milwaukee for about a month now. He will have more surgeries again this week to clean up dead tissue. He has come to terms with what he has lost, and accept the fact that he will now have to live an entirely different life, relying on a power wheelchair.

Within a week at the hospital, the 48-year-old who paints houses for a living and loves to ride his Harley-Davidson motorcycle lost his legs.

"He told the doctors, 'Do what you have to do to keep me alive, ' " Dawn said. Because the infection also blackened his nose, he still needs plastic surgery to rebuild the facial feature.

A GoFundMe page was set up for expenses for Manteufel and has raised $70,000 so far toward a goal of $100,000.

They plan to move back to Greg's parents' one-level home temporarily so that he can move around easily.

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