Dead fetus found by cleaners in American Airlines plane toilet

Dead fetus found by cleaners in American Airlines plane toilet

Dead fetus found on American Airlines flight out of Charlotte, says airline official | Charlotte Observer

A dead fetus was found inside an American Airlines plane Tuesday morning at LaGuardia Airport, according to authorities.

Law enforcement officials told WNBC the discovery was made in a bathroom of an American Airlines plane that landed at the Queens hub after leaving Charlotte Monday night. While removing the toilet paper, the cleaner discovered the foot of what appeared to be a fetus, in the toilet, CBS News reports.

The fetus was between three to six months along.

The plane was later pictured being moved to a hanger as law enforcement began investigating the find.

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The City Medical Examiner is working on determining how the fetus died.

LGA tweeted about a delay due to the incident.

Officials at American Airlines said they were co-operating with the authorities. "We will release determination when investigation is complete".

A traveler who was scheduled to fly out of LaGuardia to Charlotte at 7:55 a.m. was frustrated that her flight was delayed three times without explanation.

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