Mothers Stage Nurse-In Events Nationwide to Support WHO Breastfeeding Resolution

Breastfeeding challenges: Paediatrician urges mothers to seek medical help early

Every ounce counts

Breastfeeding prevents hunger and malnutrition in all its forms, and ensures food security for babies, even in times of crises. Studies have shown that these practices facilitate breastfeeding, showing improved rates of babies taking the breast and successful nursing.

"Increasing exclusive breastfeeding rates can avert 100,000 infant deaths annually in Nigeria and add more than 150 million dollars to the Nigerian economy each year". Other challenges can arise around a woman's milk supply or an infant's ability to latch on to the breast. The celebration provides wonderful opportunity of refreshing knowledge or setting agenda for nursing mothers on breastfeeding for a whole week.

However, there are several other barriers to breastfeeding children including ignorance of benefits of breastfeeding, improper advice from friends and family leading to supplement breast milk with formula, lack of support for working mothers from employers in providing environment conducive for breastfeeding, and lack of trained health workers who can guide new mothers about the right techniques of breastfeeding.

She stated that a mother need to feed breast her baby within one hour after birth up to six months, unless decided by physicians. Skin-to-skin contact along with suckling at the breast stimulate the mother's production of breastmilk, including colostrum, also called the baby's "first vaccine", which is extremely rich in nutrients and antibodies.

Despite the high cultural acceptance for breastfeeding in Pakistan, the country has the highest bottle-feeding rate and lowest exclusive breastfeeding rate in South Asia. Longer breastfeeding is associated with higher performance on intelligence tests among children and adolescents.

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· Even at night the baby should be breastfed.

Yet, worldwide, there are still low levels of optimal breastfeeding.

Dr Hessa Khalfan Al Ghazal, Executive Director of the SBFO, said, "Our main message with the Sharjah Baby-Friendly Project is to promote breastfeeding and encourage pregnant women and mothers to commit to it, due to its proven benefits". The percentage of exclusively breastfed children in Pakistan has remained static, with just a microscopic increase evident over the last seven years. It is important to note there are circumstances that make it challenging or not possible to breastfeed. This is to enable the mother breastfeed the baby on demand whenever the baby wants to breastfeed. To boost exclusive breastfeeding, the Global Breastfeeding Advocacy Initiative, led by UNICEF and World Health Organization in collaboration with worldwide partners, are providing leadership to improve breastfeeding rates.

4 has revealed that only 30.7 per cent of mothers initiate breastfeeding within an hour of birth despite the fact that about 90 per cent of mothers deliver in institutions. The support in those tender moments helped me firmly hold on to breastfeeding for over six months. If the child is above six months of age, the child will also receive complementary feeding.

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