SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch From Cape Canaveral Air Force Station

Enlarge Image The first Block 5 Falcon 9 lifts off. It will relaunch early Tuesday from Florida.                  SpaceX

Enlarge Image The first Block 5 Falcon 9 lifts off. It will relaunch early Tuesday from Florida. SpaceX

The spacecraft - whose name translates as "red and white", a reference to the colors of the Indonesian flag - will become part of the network run by PT Telkom Indonesia, the nation's largest telecommunications provider.

The Falcon 9 with the Block 5 launched from Complex 40 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida. Its first launch was in May 2018. "This rocket probably won't refly for probably a couple of months, but by late this year we should be seeing substantial reflight of Block 5 vehicles, probably with Block 5 boosters seeing their third, maybe their fourth reflight".

The first stage pulsed cold gas nitrogen thrusters to ready for its descent, while the Falcon 9's second stage - powered by a single Merlin engine - ignited for the first of two burns to send the Merah Putih satellite into an egg-shaped geostationary transfer orbit.

Seconds before touchdown, four legs deployed and the rocket settled to an on-target landing.

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Its purported owner, businessman Low Taek Jho or Jho Low, is also being sought to assist in the investigation into 1MDB. The government has said it plans to open the Equanimity to public viewing, before eventually selling it off.

They say "third times a charm", but that expression is usually reserved for success after failure.

Around the same time, the Falcon 9's upper stage shut down and entered a preliminary orbit before a almost 20-minute coast across the Atlantic.

However, Musk admitted that this is likely to be a major challenge, noting that "there's only so much work you could even do in one day, and a bunch of it consists of transporting the rocket from its landing site back to the launch site, mounting a new satellite on the rocket and loading propellant". This was SpaceX's 15th launch so far this year and its 60th of a Falcon 9 rocket. It was also the 28th time SpaceX has recovered one of its first stage boosters intact, and the 15th re-flight of a Falcon first stage. Although the rocket had to be torn down and refurbished between flights, there's been some clear improvement in that turnaround time for the block 5. SpaceX had to take it apart after it landed to make sure that it can be flown again without the need for maintenance in between flights in the future. The Block 5, unlike previous models, is created to need little taking-apart and refurbishment in between launches. "So this rocket probably won't re-fly for a couple of months".

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