Ben Stokes swore at bouncer and mocked gay men, court told

A nightclub bouncer told the court Stokes ridiculed his appearance

GETTY IMAGES A nightclub bouncer told the court Stokes ridiculed his appearance

Ben Stokes made "stupid noises" and "camp gestures" to mimic two gay men outside a nightclub, a doorman said on Tuesday at the England cricketer's trial for alleged affray.

Bristol Crown Court heard Stokes was the "main aggressor" in a fight that broke out between him and two other men - Ryan Ali and Ryan Hale - near a nightclub in the city.

Stokes, of Durham, Ali and Hale, both of Bristol, deny affray.

Stokes and several other England players had gone to Mbargo to celebrate a one-day worldwide win over the West Indies last September. I said something like 'leave it out - you shouldn't be taking the piss because they're gay'.

Stokes told officers: "The force I used in defending us was reasonable and entirely justified when the circumstances are viewed objectively".

"I did not know Ryan Hale or Ryan Ali and I was forced to make a decision as to how far they would be prepared to go and what they might do if they got the upper hand".

The court had earlier been told by an onlooker that Stokes was the "main aggressor" in a fight in the Clifton Triangle area of Bristol.

"I walked into the road to try to separate the group and get in between them", he said.

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"They had shown a willingness to use weapons in attacking people and were willing to gang up such that at points, the pair of them were attacking me on my own. He had a green t-shirt on". Ali, Spure said, was "trying to back away or move away from the situation" before the punch was thrown. According to the prosecution, Stokes informed police that he had overheard "nasty homophobic language" before intervening and claimed that he thought they were going to hit him with a bottle, forcing him to act in self-defence.

The court heard details of the injury Ali is alleged to have sustained from the blow.

Nicholas Corsellis, prosecuting, asked if he saw Mr Hale "put that implement down before he gets to the group?"

The court heard that when PC Alway said to Mr Stokes "a guy over there was covered in blood and I've been told you punched him", he replied "because he was abusing my two friends for being gay".

Cunningham told the court Stokes was denied entry into the Mbargo nightclub after it had closed at 2am.

Mr Cunningham refused to allow them back inside as it was past closing time, Bristol Crown Court heard.

Ali, who was taken to hospital by ambulance, suffered a fracture to the left side of his face, a swollen eye, a cut above his eyebrow, a cracked tooth and bruising to his head.

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