Original Star Wars Movies Might Not Launch With Disney’s Streaming Service

Disney Can't Show Star Wars Movies On TV, Is Reportedly Trying To Get Rights Back

Disney Is Seeking 'Star Wars' Rights Back From TBS, TNT

However, the rights to screen the movies are now owned by Turner Broadcasting, and it has been reported that Disney wants them back.

However, Bloomberg reports that Disney may very well have sold Turner the rights to both forms of playback. Disney inquired about retaining those rights to the movies from Turner, but "met resistance", and learned that "the programmer would want financial considerations and programming to replace the lost films". Disney has already made inquiries about repurchasing those rights, but Turner is resistant. Turner Broadcasting paid $275 million for the six Star Wars movies in 2016 that were released between 1977 and 2005, plus any new titles being released. So there's still a chance an upcoming streaming service could have all of the Star Wars movies. The company has released four new Star Wars films since it acquired LucasFilm in 2012, and plans to release another in December 2019.

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Studios have long sold rights to their most popular films to TV networks to make more money after movies end their run in theaters. Some are on Netflix and you can catch them on TBS and TNT. I'm sure a huge part of the reasoning behind starting their own streaming service was to be able to offer fans access to the companies ever growing library of films, which continue to be some of the highest grossing movies of all time.

This is a bit of an irony for Disney, because assuming they do not return to the negotiating table to reach a more palatable solution with Turner, this means they can not put on streaming the six movies-and specifically three classics-from which so much of their current product derives.

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