Saddle up: Red Dead Redemption 2 official gameplay coming tomorrow

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Gameplay Video Arriving August 9, 2018

It's finally happening - it's time. There's a million phrases you could use to describe the phenomenon that is the release of a Rockstar Games title.

Rockstar has so far released three trailers for Red Dead Redemption 2 and although they were seemingly created with in-game footage, they were largely cinematic-driven.

However, precedent set by Grand Theft Auto V's first gameplay video, which launched in July 2013, suggests this official look at Red Dead Redemption 2 could run upwards of five minutes in length.

Fans will be able to view the video on August 9 at 11 AM EST (8 AM PST, 4 PM BST) on the official Rockstar Games website, along with YouTube, Facebook, and Twitch. Perhaps a similar video should from Red Dead Redemption 2's gameplay reveal? Well, it better be October 26.

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In this video, we see a narrator walk us through how the game works and mechanics all weave and play together.

Tomorrow we might catch a glimpse of whether that's true or not. An introduction to the world of Red Dead Redemption 2.

The gameplay video will then most likely go into detail on Arthur Morgan and his fellow outlaws in the Van der Linde gang.

Many loyal Red Dead fans are excited to see the much younger Marston in Red Dead Redemption 2 later this year and to celebrate the impending release, Rockstar Games has announced that another new gameplay trailer will be revealed tomorrow to show off even more of the Wild, Wild West.

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