Wayfair Launches First-Ever Mixed Reality Commerce Experience with Magic Leap

Magic Leap Founder, Website Hint at Wednesday Launch News for Mixed Reality Headset

Magic Leap's Mixed Reality Headset Is Finally on Sale

Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz broke his self-proclaimed radio silence Tuesday night to tweet pictures of a launching rocketship, a Magic Leaper and link to a device with the model number 808, leading some to believe that the Magic Leap One Creator Edition will either launch Wednesday - Aug. 8 - or plans for the launch will be detailed Wednesday. If you're familiar with Scribblenauts, it's essentially that game's Sandbox Mode, but set in the real world, and with a fixed store of resources that you can not change with descriptors.

There's just one thing: Regular folks like us aren't the intended audience. The goal: for those makers to dream up the experiences (aka content) that's needed to convince us to become Leapers. The device will cost $2,295, with an optional Professional Developer Package available for $495.

Magic Leap's history has always been somewhat mysterious, but it has also garnered a huge amount of support and hype from investors.

UPDATE: After many hours of frenzied speculation, the Unreal Engine official Twitter spilled the beans, announcing that the Magic Leap One Creator's Edition was now available, and including a link to the site, where a Buy Now button was prominently displayed.

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The Magic Kit is where creatives and developers can find the tools they need to creative experiences within Magic Leap.

The experience that the Magic Leap One offers is nowhere near what was seen in the concept videos from a few years back.

Inside the box, the Magic Leap One comes with the headset itself, a remote-like gesture-based controller that uses haptic feedback technology, and a small sister device, that houses Nvidia's Tegra X2 mobile chipset, powering the graphic fidelity of the AR focused headset. The company has raised more than $2.3 billion since being founded in 2011 and after its last round received a valuation of more than $6 billion. According to the post, it contains "sample code, tech write-ups and design diaries to help you fast track your training in spatial computing, create high quality mixed reality interactions and navigate your way through the Magicverse".

"The spatial browser is an important part of launch from a Creator Edition perspective, there's communications, social, a lot of aspects to what we're launching", he continued. There isn't a cellular connection available on Magic Leap One.

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