Why the Galaxy Note 9 is the new king of the enterprise

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Unpacked: Watch the Samsung Galaxy Note9 launch live stream here!

However, don't let this bold fashion statement fool you - the Galaxy Watch is as sturdy as they make them, employing Corning's tough Gorilla Glass DX+ glass, which is designed specifically for smartwatches.

My biggest issue with it is that it comes in at 12.7mm thick, or a half an inch.

And a Dual Aperture lens adjusts to light just like the human eye with Samsung boasting that no matter the lighting conditions, Galaxy Note 9's top-tier camera delivers a crystal-clear shot. The fingerprint reader has moved so it is now positioned beneath the rear camera, there are 6GB and 8GB models to choose from, and the smartphone will be powered by either an Exynos 9810 CPU or a Qualcomm's Snapdragon 845 depending on where you are in the world. That's just the base model, though.

Samsung launched the Note 9 at 11 a.m.in NY on Thursday, or Friday midnight in Seoul. Samsung says it's working with more than 30 carriers in more than 15 countries to bring LTE-enabled Galaxy Watches to users who want an untethered smartwatch. Yes, it has the best smartphone screen ever, because it uses the same one as the Galaxy S9 and S9+ - just bigger.

Samsung does not break out shipments of its smartphone models, but analysts reckon it has shipped around 10 million Note 8 models so far. That was a real hand-stretcher.

Unfortuantely, if you're not using a brand new Samsung device, you won't get the Galaxy skin. Apparently the S-Pen button is restricted to first party apps and select partners at launch, but more stuff is apparently on the way in the form of a public SDK for app developers.

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Samsung has nabbed the exclusive Android release of popular survival game Fortnite as part of the launch for its Note 9 phablet, which the company is marketing as a premium phone for gamers.

And being that this is a Note, there are some new S Pen features that seem genuinely useful. Both the phone and S-pen are IP68 certified for water/dust resistance. It recharges in less than a minute, too.

After months of rumours, leaks and plenty of speculation the Galaxy Note 9 has finally be unveiled.

Given that the device we used was fresh off the boat from Samsung HQ, it was blazingly fast - whether or not it stays that way after a year or so of daily use remains to be seen. Another thing the larger size allows is a larger battery: 4000mAh on the Note 9 compared to 3500mAh on the S9+.

US carrier Verizon Communications Inc said the new device will be available for pre-order from August 10, with the 128 gigabyte model priced at $999.99 for the and 512GB model at $1,249.99. You're looking at about $1,250 for the version with more storage and RAM.

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