McDonald's McGold Card Offers Contest Winner Free Food For Life

McDonald's mobile customers get chance to win food for life

The McDonald's McGold Card Grants You Free Food for Life: Here's How to Get One

The food-for-life opportunity comes via the "ultimate in VIP status: the Mobile McGold Card", according to a release issued Thursday. "To celebrate Mobile Order & Pay, we're giving one of our mobile customers the chance to win the McGold Card and join a select group of McDonald's fans, just for using the app". McDonald's officially confirmed that the card exists and only a handful of people have ever gotten their hands on one.

The victor of the McGold card will also be awarded with a customized 24-carat golden phone case to mark their membership into the history and mystery of McGold Card lore, all powered by the McDonald's App in 2018.

"The McGold Card isn't some bedtime story, it's real", Ancient Aliens co-executive producer and "Ancient Astronaut Theorist" Giorgio Tsoukalos assures viewers as a brief clip of Bigfoot running with the coveted card is shown.

- There's an exclusive McDonald's club that even includes members like Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, allegedly.

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McDonald's says the prize value totals at $52,350. To enter, simply place an order for six dozen McDonald's fried apple pies (or whatever you consider lunch) through the McDonald's app, pay with your now second-favorite credit card, and pick up your food under the Golden Arches.

The lucky person to get their claws on the McGold card will only be able to have two meals a week at the restaurant, worth up to £5.40 each.

The victor will be awarded a rare McGold Card "in mobile form", entitling them to free McDonald's for the next five decades. Victor will also receive a custom gold-plated phone case.

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