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With her profile shrinking at Marvel Comics itself in recent years and legitimate questions about whether she's even considered a character Sony holds the rights to, Jessica Drew seems fated to remain in movie limbo. When Venom was first announced it was said to be R-rated, and its trailers definitely hint at violence that deserves the adult rating.

The company has also set up a screenwriter for a movie based on Kraven the Hunter in The Equalizer 2's Richard Wenk, and is developing another movie based on the character of Nightwatch, for which it is now seeking a writer as well.

Silk, aka Cindy Moon, is a Korean American character who was first introduced to Marvel Comics in 2014, having also been bitten by the same radioactive spider that gave Peter Parker his peculiar powers. This also includes the many heroes and villains who have appeared in Spider-Man comics over the years, and there are various spin-off movies on the way, including the upcoming Venom.

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They believe Black Cat can stand on her own and will feature in her own film. Sony reportedly has control of 900 Marvel characters that are tangentially related to Spidey, but that doesn't mean all of them can headline their own movies. The status of spin-offs Silver & Black and Nightwatch were, however, in doubt - until now. Silver & Black are headed to the big screen, too, but they've since been redirected to individual solo movies. They are extending that relationship with Spider-Man sequel, Spider-Man: Far From Home.

If you've been following Sony's SUMC plans (before it was known as the SUMC), then you may have noticed that there's one title missing in that list, and it's one that had seemingly been in development the longest. The film was dropped from Sony's release schedule back in June. And as we saw when Sony just abandoned the Amazing Spider-Man trilogy after two films without any resolution, the studio does not handle failure well. For the record, that's the formal name given to Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters, which is due to kick-off this fall thanks to Venom.

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