Bud Light giving fans free beer for Browns' first victory

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The jokes write themselves: Beer fridge will unlock if Browns win

They're calling them "Victory Fridges", which means they're locked until the team secures it's first win of the 2018 season.

Aina Fuller, marketing manager at Bud Light UK, said: "Since hitting the UK in 2017, Bud Light has "Dilly Dilly'd" across the country, and seen some of the strongest growth across the category". Bud Light, an National Football League sponsor, is not saying exactly where the fridges outside FirstEnergy Stadium will be set up, nor how fans can access the beer in FirstEnergy Stadium if the Browns win on the road first.

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Fans of the Cleveland Browns have endured a torrid time recently with their team. And the team failed to win a single game past year, so the coach punished himself by jumping in a frigid lake. Well, this season, Bud Light has set up special refrigerators at bars around town. If the Browns do win, the brewer will also be part of what's sure to a be memorable and celebratory moment. The device includes smart technology that will automatically unlock once the Browns win their first regular-season game this year.

An electromagnetic smart lock connected to WiFi behind the back of the fridge will unlatch once given the signal that Cleveland won a game.

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