Google plans to exempt WhatsApp backups from Drive storage space calculations

Google Pixel 2 XL Android Pie backup

Settings –> System –> Backup settings on the Google Pixel 2 XL running Android 9 Pie

According to the site, Google recommends manually backing up WhatsApp before the November 12 date.

The WhatsApp backup feature enables users to store chat logs, as well as other data like shared videos, in Google Drive. Well, that will no longer be the case - thanks to a new agreement between WhatsApp and Google. Right now, you lose your precious drive space when you backup WhatsApp chats. Over time, depending on how heavily the app is used, these backups can grow into multiple gigabytes, a substantial amount for Google users who only have the 15GB included for free with their account.

Instead, you'll get unlimited storage for WhatsApp-related data. Eventually, Google Drive will be rebranded as Google One and they will be offering 24/7 support along with more affordable cloud storage options. On Android, it uses Google Drive and on iOS devices, your WhatsApp history is backed up to iCloud. Besides, it's also worth noting that while the messages and calls are protected with WhatsApp's end-to-encryption, the backup on Google Drive isn't, which means anyone with access to your Google Drive will be able to see your WhatsApp chats by restoring the backup on a smartphone.

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Under this new agreement, while your WhatsApp backups will be accessible to you on your Goole Drive, they will no longer take up any of your personal space on Google Drive.

My backup now stands at 2.8GB, which is a substantial chunk of the 15GB allowance most people start off with.

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