Holidaymaker found 10 hours after falling from cruise ship

The woman fell from the Norwegian Star cruise ship 60 miles off the coast of Croatia

The woman fell from the Norwegian Star cruise ship 60 miles off the coast of Croatia

A British woman was rescued from the sea on Sunday after falling from a cruise ship off the coast of Croatia and being stranded in the water for 10 hours. However, she still managed to explain that she was in the water for 10 hours.

The Croatian rescue ship sent out to look for her found her just 1,300 meters from where she fell. "I am very lucky to be alive".

According to the Norwegian Cruise Line's website, the nearly 300-metre-long Norwegian Star was only refurbished this year and can accommodate up to 2,300 passengers.

It was unclear how the woman went overboard.

The 46-year-old, who gave her name as Kay in an interview with local media, and was identified as Kay Longstaff by British media, was taken to hospital in Pula, Croatia, and is understood to be out of danger.

He said that "we were extremely happy for saving a human life".

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Usually, when we report on cruise ship overboards they don't end well but we are glad to post that in this case the guest was rescued. The coastguard was notified and a search and rescue operation ensued.

It said: "We are pleased to advise that the guest was found alive, is now in stable condition, and has been taken ashore in Croatia for further treatment".

A Norwegian Cruise Line spokesperson told Starts at 60 that the company was very happy that the woman would soon be reunited with her family and friends.

The Norwegian Star arrived in its port in Venice, Italy, Sunday afternoon - without the woman - and departed for its next stop 2 1/2 hours later.

The ship's crew was alleged to have abandoned the search and continued on their journey to Venice.

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