Melania: Children Know Social Media Pitfalls Better 'Than Some Adults'

WATCH: Did Melania just take a shot at Trump in her latest anti-cyberbullying speech?

Melania Trump laments cyber bullying

In remarks a the Federal Partners on Bullying Prevention summit in Rockville, Maryland Monday, Mrs. Trump warned the group of federal agencies, social media companies and other summit participants of the "destructive and harmful" impacts of social media when used incorrectly.

"I launched my Be Best campaign in May, with a focus on the many issues facing children today - one of them being the safe and responsible use of social media", said the first lady.

Regardless of whether this was intended as a sick subtweet at her husband, the President and patron saint of using his huge global platform to channel the bully from Sandlot, people on Twitter have been going to town roasting the First Lady's hypocritical campaign.

She said the first lady's call to prevent bullying of children on social media "elevates an issue that is important to children and families across this country".

The president told Melania that she would likely receive backlash over the topic, given his incendiary Twitter habits, the Times reported.

A spokesman for Mrs Trump played down any link between the first lady's comments and the president's tweeting, saying Mr Trump was "proud" of his wife's commitment to children.

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The first lady addressed an annual cyberbullying prevention summit hosted by the federal Health Resources and Services Administration in Rockville, Md.

Some critics pointed out the irony the first lady attended a conference on cyber bullying a week after President Donald Trump attacked former White House aide Omarosa Manigualt Newman on Twitter in response to her book 'Unhinged, ' where she contends the president is a racist who is suffering from declining mental abilities.

'Rather than dissecting her remarks, let's focus on the countless children who struggle w bullying & online safety each day, ' Grisham wrote. He tried to persuade her not to speak out on it because he knew it would be an open door to criticism, according to the editors.

She said that America's "next generation has unlimited potential to impact our world in positive ways".

'We have strong rules against abusive behavior, ' she said, 'and we've leveraged technology to help us enforce those rules'.

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