President Trump Blasts Social Media for Discriminating against Conservatives

President Donald Trump speaks to members of the media before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn at the White House in Washington Friday Aug. 17 2018 for a short trip to Andrews Air Force Base Md. and then on to Southampton N.Y. for a fundraiser

Donald Trump Condemns Social Media Companies for Biased Censorship AP

President Trump came out fast and furiously Saturday in denouncing the burgeoning censorship by Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Apple, Amazon and other mega-corporate speech police for discriminating against Republican, conservative and other dissident independent media voices.

But in a video posted Wednesday to the Twitter account for Infowars, Jones said the company suspended him and may shut him down completely because he violated its rules by posting a "video I shot last night saying Trump should do something about the censorship of the internet".

"Social Media is totally discriminating against Republican/Conservative voices". "Speaking loudly and clearly for the, we won't let that happen".

In a series of tweets on Saturday morning, US President Donald Trump raised the issue of social media platforms de-platforming political opinion to the right of the ideological spectrum.

Some reports suggested his account was put in "read-only" mode for a week, meaning he can not tweet or retweet.

Victims' families - some of whom are suing Jones - have said the conspiracy theorists' claims have resulted in harassment from his followers.

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In the same video appeal, Jones urged Trump to "point out that the communist Chinese have penetrated and infiltrated" the US election system and are "way, way worse than the Russians".

The President said while networks like CNN and MSNBC might be "fake news", he does not "ask that their sick behavior be removed".

Facebook then apologized, tweeting in response that the videos had "mistakenly" been removed, and that it's "very sorry".

"All of the fools that are so focused on looking only at Russian Federation should start also looking in another direction, China", Trump wrote.

The president said that the policy should be to allow all speech and "we will all just have to figure it out!" He wants the sites to welcome all kinds of content (good and bad) and let people decide on their own.

Yet Trump has waged relentless attacks on news coverage that he does not like, and has long expressed hostility toward traditional press freedoms.

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