More than 200 arrests at the Kavanaugh hearings

Sen. Cory Booker D-N.J. left next to Sen. Kamala Harris D-Calif. questions President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh as he testifies before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Capitol Hill in Washington DC on Sept. 5 2018

Harris puts Kavanaugh on edge with Mueller question

In the wake of John McCain's death, the country - and even more surprisingly, our nation's capital - experienced a few blessed days when partisan rancor was washed away by tears of grief and love of country. Susan Collins' office during the confirmation hearings of Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Booker declared his intent to "knowingly violate" the rules, considering it an act of "civil disobedience", as the third day of confirmation hearings opened Thursday.

Cornyn, a Texas Republican, blasted Booker's move as 'outrageous'. Joe Biden, D-Dl., recommending that he not attend a committee hearing.

How unruly was opening day?

In about two weeks, the committee will likely vote along party lines to favorably recommend Kavanaugh's confirmation, and the full Senate is likely to quickly follow suit, possibly in time enough for President Trump's second Supreme Court pick in as many years to take a seat on the high court's exclusive bench by the first Monday of October, when the new Supreme Court term begins.

US Senator Kamala Harris on Wednesday questioned Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh about whether he had spoken with a particular law firm about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

Leahy then reiterated the need to have more of Kavanaugh's White House records available before a vote confirming the nominee and asked the nominee if additional emails from the Republican operative would be found in unreleased documents.

No long-range missiles, North Korea military parade features floats and flowers
A North Korea "civic group" has disclosed a statement urging the withdrawal of US forces from the peninsula. Prior to the parade, Mr Kim visited the mausoleum where his father and grandfather are interred.

In these dark troubling days of the Trump Administration, some believe that Kavanaugh is a myrmidon of the right-wing fascist Federalist Society, and as a myrmidon of the Federalist Society he is presently the most unsafe man in America at the moment, in addition to President Donald Trump. Trump's fellow Republicans control the Senate by a narrow margin. Estrada eventually withdrew without a vote.

Garza told the Senate Judiciary Committee that Kavanaugh ultimately passed down an order that delayed Jane's abortion for so long that she was almost forced to carry her pregnancy to term.

As a White House lawyer in the Bush administration, Judge Brett Kavanaugh challenged the accuracy of deeming the Supreme Court's landmark Roe v. Wade abortion rights decision to be "settled law of the land", according to a secret email obtained by The New York Times.

On Wednesday, in an exchange with California Sen.

But Collins, who is one of those undecided Republicans, voiced skepticism that Kavanaugh had taken a personal position on Roe in the 2003 email.

"While the Garza v. Hargan case has been frequently cited by groups such as Planned Parenthood and NARAL as evidence that Kavanaugh will be hostile to reproductive rights and could even vote to overturn Roe v. Wade, Garza believes his rulings in her case case reveal his possible hostility to the rights of people in detention rather than to reproductive rights generally". This, Kavanaugh explained, created "precedent upon precedent".

Booker, it appears, is reaching for some big moments to propel his 2020 presidential ambitions, something that was not missed by the other senators. Hunter Lechance, a 15-year-old asthma sufferer, warned that if Kavanaugh is confirmed it would mean "more air pollution, more asthma attacks, and more premature deaths for the millions of Americans unfortunate enough to be afflicted with asthma like me". A tweet from NARAL called Kavanaugh's comment "not only an anti-science lie, it's an anti-choice extremest phrase".

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