Black 'hair' on your tongue? Here's what that could be

A 55-year-old woman was admitted to the hospital after sustaining a severe crush injury to both legs in a motor vehicle accident. A polymicrobial wound infection developed and she received treatment with intravenous meropenem and oral minocycline. Black

The woman tongue turned black and furry

Luckily black hairy tongue is both preventable and resolvable with improved oral hygiene.

The woman's condition was caused by changes in the normal bacteria or yeast content in her mouth following the antibiotic cure.

Reports have it that a 55-year-old woman recently suffered from "black hairy tongue" after a auto accident which left both of her legs crushed. Just a weeks after the intervention, the woman noticed her tongue turned black and hairy, in appearance.

Even though it's a very weird medical condition, the so-called black hairy tongue is quite common across the world.

The case outlined in the journal involves a woman who was prescribed two kinds of antibiotics after being injured in a vehicle accident. As a result, doctors immediately stopped the minocycline treatment and replaced it with an alternative antibiotic, and they also advised the patient to practice proper oral hygiene.

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A woman came down with a scary-looking condition known as "black hairy tongue", according to a case report published Thursday in the New England Journal of Medicine.

"The hairy black tongue is a benign condition".

In fact, the name of the disease "black hairy tongue" is very vaguely corresponds to the symptoms of the disease.

Dr. Yasir Hamad, an assistant professor in the Department of Medicine at the Washington University School of Medicine and an author of the report, told CNN that the patient had a "typical textbook case" of the condition.

Black hairy tongue can be linked to smoking and poor oral hygiene (specifically, buildup of dead skin cells on the minuscule projections that contain taste buds), however in this case it was a harmless/untypical side effect of the drug. Anxious about her health status, the women went to the hospital and found out she got "black hairy tongue" (lingua villosa nigra).

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