Cardi B fumes on Instagram after argument with Nicki Minaj at party

Nicki Minaj’s Two Toned Lavender Hair is a NYFW Highlight

Cardi B 'is escorted out' of Harper's Bazaar party after 'attacking' Nicki Minaj 'with shoe'

Cardi B and her rapper nemesis Nicki Minaj got into a huge fight at a New York Fashion Week event on Friday night.

The TMZ report said that Nicki kept a cool head throughout the incident.

Cardi B - real name Belcalis Almanzar - posted a lengthy message on Instagram following the alleged fracas at the Harper's Bazaar event but did not name her NY rival.

Eyewitnesses told USA media the altercation took place on the first floor balcony of the Harper's Bazaar ICONS party, during a performance by Christina Aguilera.

The rapper, who has achieved huge success over the a year ago with hits such as Bodak Yellow and I Like It, said she had let a lot of things slide. The new mom was escorted out of the event by security, with a bump on her forehead and shoeless.

Following what we're now calling "shoe-gate" (you heard it hear first), Cardi elaborated on these "lies" with her lengthy Insta post. Apparently, Nicki Minaj liked a tweet that involved Cardi B and rapper Offset's baby, Kulture. From there, words were exchanged and Cardi B allegedly threw a shoe before getting roughed up by security guards.

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Cell phone footage taken of the incident shows Cardi shouting "Bitch, come here", "Play with me, bitch", and "Write some shit about my kid again, bitch" and throwing her shoes at Minaj.

Early Saturday, Cardi penned a savage af subliminal message following the Nicki confrontation. "I let you talk big shit about me!"

Her makeup artist, Etienne Ortega, called on the beauty gawds as he created a beat face like no other.

"You can honestly tell who has growing up to do. if you honestly think what Cardi did was acceptable please block me cause you childish & ignorant".

As for Cardi, she ranted on her Instagram: "I've let a lot of s**t slide!"

She added: "I've worked too hard and come too far to let anybody f**k me with my success! & you'll most likely end up in jail", another user said.

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