'Blackout' Feels More Like PUBG Than Call Of Duty

Call of duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta

Here’s what Treyarch is looking at changing in Blackout after first-day feedback

The Call of Duty Black Ops 4 Blackout Beta is now out for PlayStation 4 players and runs until September 17. One of these is visiting one of the four locations of the map that are based on zombie maps from the Black Ops series.

If you own a PlayStation 4, you get first dibs on the action starting today as the Blackout beta is officially live.

Blackout also brings Call of Duty style to the consumables. The beta concludes on all platforms at 10 AM PT / 1 PM ET on September 17.

For those who have preordered on Xbox One and PC, Blackout access will arrive September 14, and regardless of preorder status, all interested PC players can join the next day.

First, if you participated in the first Black Ops 4 beta, then access to the Blackout beta is automatically granted.

The trailer shows off the variety of maps and spaces in the game that players will be able to traverse on foot or in one of many vehicles (see below for a full list).

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The PS4-exclusive private beta event is giving the CoD community its first taste of the all-new Blackout mode, a battle royale experience that merges conventional CoD gameplay with a fast-paced, last-player-standing free-for-all that will see as many as 80 characters shooting it out at once. The result? That Blackout's map will come in under the size of Fortnite's map.

Heal on the Move: You don't need to stop moving to heal!

So for Call of Duty aficionados, there will be a lot for you to pick through and discover as you play - that's pretty cool. I've heard some complaints of frame-rate issues and poorer graphics from players using a standard PlayStation 4 console, but my Blackout experience has been great on the PS4 Pro. This is a Private beta and at the time of writing, there are no plans for an open beta on PS4 or Xbox One. However, Blackout exists for all the gamers who want a more realistic alternative.

It often seems like the time that you need to hold Square is inconsistent.

Fortnite isn't going anywhere thanks to Epic Games' creation of a super cute, colourful world with a unique building-combat system.

The AI-controlled enemies will patrol the map, providing threats to players - so this time, it isn't just other human players that can kill you.

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