Bob Woodward tells Stephen Colbert what shocked him most about Trump

Bob Woodward defended his book in an appearance on NBC’s ‘‘Today’’ show

FERNANDO VILLAR EPA Shutterstock File 2017 Bob Woodward defended his book in an appearance on NBC’s ‘‘Today’’ show

If you've paid attention to the news as of late, you may have heard that Bob Woodward - legendary reporter and one-half of the team that broke the Watergate scandal - has a new book coming out titled Fear: Trump in the White House. He added: "I would have been happy to correct them if Mr".

Woodward: The first is not knowing.

"The secretary of defence has to tell him: "because we're trying to prevent World War Three". We need to know what's going on'.

"Trump didn't remember and would go back to some of these issues frequently".

Woodward: Yes, that's true and that's part of the problem.

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Woodward tells Colbert how Trump goes "ballistic" at the questions and "makes things up, starts screaming, ' and says how the lawyer, Dowd, thought that if he had been Mueller, he would have been 'fired on the spot". But in the end, President Trump is the one who decides, and he has shown himself more than capable of doing so. The White House has blasted the book, and Trump on Monday referred to it as a "scam". After all, Colbert manages to work in plenty of Woodward's bona fides during the interview, including how many books he's written (Fear is number 19), his Pulitzers (two), and how many presidents he's covered (nine). He decides an approach or idea or course of action is right, usually based entirely on his own gut feeling, and then sticks to it for decades, resisting any attempt by other people to show him new or better or more accurate information and refusing to examine why he believes whatever he does.

"But slow-walking things or not taking things up to him, or telling him - rightly, not just as an excuse - but this needs to be vetted, or we need to do more process on this, or we don't have legal counsel clearance - that happened 10 times more frequently than taking papers from his desk", the book quotes Porter as saying. The letter stated that the US was planning to withdraw from a trade agreement with South Korea. And it's a terrific missile system, and Trump asked, "Well, how much does it cost?" He said, "A billion dollars!?" People know who Woodward is. This is a crisis."In other words, the United States will hold midterm elections against the backdrop of a heated debate on the deep state and a coup against the president". He said, "Take it out!" Put it in Portland'.

When Colbert brought up the fact that some people in the Trump administration were portrayed as types of heroes, Woodward replied, "You get to know these people, and you realize they're speaking from conscience, because they are anxious about Trump doing things". That he's easily distracted, unmoored from any values or governing philosophy, and that people working directly under him think he's an idiot.

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