'Game changing' Apple Watch Series 4 can detect potentially deadly falls

Our clearest look yet at the Apple Watch Series 4

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Today is Apple's big day. The modular design has also been revamped to allow for more useful stats from various apps to be shown. Now, the company is adding more.

The Apple Watch 4 is something that both smartwatch and fitness enthusiasts will have been hankering after since the launch in 2014. It has been improved in every aspect according to Apple.

How does the watch know you've fallen and not just flopped down on the bed or chucked your Apple Watch on the desk? Now let's see what the improvements are.

A standard Apple Watch Series 4 device, available in 24 regions, starting at $399.

Like cellular variants of the Series 3, cellular variants of Apple Watch Series 4 will connect to LTE and Global Positioning System satellites as well as the standard Bluetooth 5 and Wi-Fi. According to Apple, the watch faces are created to interact with the screen with features that bounce off the sides. The modular face can now surface more detailed information from stocks and healths apps. The dynamic watch faces interact with the display and include elements such as water, fire and vapor.

The Digital Crown now gets haptic feedback that helps navigate easily in apps like Calendar and Podcasts. The speaker is also 50-percent louder, which is a very welcomed change in my book. The microphone has been moved to the opposite side of the device to keep it away from the speaker (to cut down on echo).

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Not just that. but the watch's new ECG feature measures heart rate and will let you know if anything is irregular or potentially unsafe. It will also send a notification if the watch detects an irregular beat that might be Atrial Fibrillation (AFib).

The first ECG product offered directly to consumers. The Watch will have the 64-bit S4 chip and a new GPU, giving it twice the performance as the Apple Watch Series 3.

The new Apple smartwatch now processes data up to eight times faster and will be able to detect when the user falls.

However, for some reason, Apple seems to underplay its battery life - when it first claimed 18 hours on a single charge, we found it would last a little longer. It will come in Silver, Gold, Space Gray, Polished Space Black, and a new Gold Stainless color. In addition to complications, users can add photos of loved ones.

A report from Canalys estimates Apple shipped 3.5 million Apple Watches worldwide during the second quarter of 2018, up 30% during the same period a year ago.

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