Google will discontinue Inbox by March 2019

Google is Killing Inbox

Inbox by Gmail will be shut down in March 2019

On the app's Web page, Google confirms that Inbox will be shuttered in March 2019; the company instead points users toward the new Gmail for numerous same features.

Google has been in kind of a weird position for a little while now relative to email, what with its popular Gmail app and the much newer Inbox app that was launched in 2014 as a kind of playground for Google.

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When Inbox launched, Google introduced and implemented new features such as email bundling and snoozing. In the new experience, users can directly access actions on the emails within the Gmail inbox, snooze emails until a later time, send emails under a confidential mode, and more. In March 2019, we'll have to say our goodbyes. This added functionality pulled a good number of users away from Gmail as they added to the email experience without combining the usual headaches caused by using third-party email clients. Numerous features we know and love from Inbox were brought into Gmail proper when they launched a much needed re-design back in April this year. It was an off-shoot email app that was developed by the Gmail team, and would feature a ton of great features that made it easier to get through your email each day. Google claims this is in the works, but did not give an official timeline as to when to expect the feature. There are tons of email services and email apps that accompany them.

As the curtain falls, Google has prepared a guide for users transitioning from Inbox to Gmail, despite complaints from devoted Inbox users on Twitter. Featuring tight integration with other Google services, Inbox quickly garnered a group of passionate followers. Let us know in the comment section below.

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