Video Shows Harvey Weinstein Behaving Inappropriately With Woman During Business Meeting

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Releases Video of Creepy Business Meeting Before Alleged Rape

New Video Shows Harvey Weinstein Inappropriately Touching Rape Accuser

A video of Harvey Weinstein aired on television Wednesday showing him boldly propositioning a woman who later accused him of rape and repeatedly touching her and stroking her arm and back during what was supposed to have been a business meeting.

The footage, given to by United Kingdom -based Sky News, shows a 2011 meeting in New York City in which Melissa Thompson, then 28 years old, is pitching her web video and analytics start-up to the Hollywood producer for the Weinstein Company.

At points in the video Ms Thompson appears flustered, and loses her train of thought as she tries to continue her pitch.

He then caresses her shoulder as they sit side-by-side in front of her laptop.

On the video he says: "Let me have a little part of you".

Thompson told Sky News: "Now I see he's trying, in any way he can, to move me into that zone of comfortable then uncomfortable and confused, and vulnerable, and recognizing that he's powerful and I'm not, and that I need this deal from him, and he has the power to give it to me".

In the video, Thompson is polite and friendly with Weinstein, but at one point he reportedly touched her leg off-camera. Weinstein immediately brushes off Thompson's offer of a handshake and instead hugs her, his hand drifting down towards her waist as he rubs her back during the embrace.

"Data's so hot", Thompson says later in the video. Only portions of the video from 2011 were aired on the British TV network Wednesday.

Brafman said the video shows "casual, if not awkward, flirting from both parties".

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"Anything short of that is meant to make Mr. Weinstein appear inappropriate, and even exploitative", said Benjamin Brafman.

But Brafman accused Thompson to trying to bolster her position in the lawsuit. "This is a further attempt to publicly disgrace Mr Weinstein for financial gain and we will not stand for it. Facts do matter". Thompson told Sky she was thinking of the initial encounter with Weinstein.

Thompson said she later met Weinstein at a nearby hotel bar, where she said she expected to close the technology deal. She ended up in Weinstein's hotel room, where Weinstein raped her despite her attempts to get away, Thompson alleged.

She is seen watching the footage along with a Sky News reporter, and denies encouraging him, telling the channel: "I think there was a combination of confidence and naivety that led me to this dynamic that we see now, watching back". I constantly felt trapped, no matter where I turned.

Instead it recorded an excruciating encounter with the man who now faces criminal charges of sexual assault in a NY court, as well as scores...

Thompson, who had previously worked on Wall Street, rejected suggestions she encouraged Weinstein's behaviour.

Thompson told Sky News he then ran his hand up her skirt. "It was an invitation to come to a hotel lobby that was within blocks of the office and so that to me felt much safer than being alone with him in his office", she said.

"We don't have to live with being raped when we think we are going to a business meeting", Thompson told Sky. In one she wrote, "I love you, always do".

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