A new poll shows the biggest problem Republicans face in November's midterms

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And the Gallup weekly poll shows Trump at 40 percent positive, 54 percent negative, marking eight straight weeks where the president's approval rating has been no higher than 42 percent.

One common thread in the latest batch of low polls for Trump is his declining rating among independent voters. The company surveyed likely voters through automated calls made to landlines, which means those polled tend to be older in age, and more likely to vote for the Republican Party.

A majority of voters do not support beginning impeachment proceedings against President Trump, according to a new poll released Wednesday that also found that House Democrats have expanded their lead over Republicans in a generic ballot test less than two months out from the midterm elections. The poll from almost two years ago was taken less than two weeks after Trump defeated Hillary Clinton.

Although they back Democratic candidates over Republicans by a 14 percent margin - 52 to 38 percent margin - they don't want Congress to take action against Trump, a Quinnipiac University National Poll said.

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Each book describes a White House in chaos and Trump aides shielding the president from information in efforts to curb potentially unsafe policies or actions. In CNN's poll, only 32 percent of adults said Trump is honest and trustworthy, a new low in CNN's polling.

Trump's decreasing popularity with voters outside of the Republican Party can have a major effect in the results of the upcoming midterm elections. Watergate reporter Bob Woodward published a book recently that depicted the current chaos in the White House as well.

A new Quinnipiac University poll puts Trump's job approval rating at 38 percent, with 54 percent disapproving, a drop of 3 percentage points from Trump's 41 percent approval number on August 14.

This year, though, the "negative toward both parties" group favors Democrats.

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