Pence Blasts Behavior at SCOTUS Hearing: Kavanaugh 'Distinguished Himself' Democrats 'Embarrassed Themselves'

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Pence Blasts Behavior at SCOTUS Hearing: Kavanaugh 'Distinguished Himself' Democrats 'Embarrassed Themselves'

SHAPIRO: So when you look at this week of hearings overall, what are some things that jump out to you?

But it turns out Kavanaugh simply was trying to correct a line in a draft opinion piece for President Bush that stated "it is widely accepted by legal scholars across the board that Roe v. Wade and its progeny are the settled law of the land", the Weekly Standard reported.

Other Democrat Senators joined Booker and encouraged their Republican colleagues to also expel them from the body for knowingly breaking Senate rules.

PATRICK LEAHY: Trump claims he has an absolute right to pardon himself. He added that "under Judge Kavanaugh's recommendation, if a president shot someone in cold blood on Fifth Avenue, that president could not be prosecuted while in office". It's a question that I have not written about. Kavanaugh, like previous nominees, declined to answer hypothetical questions that might come before him as a justice. It didn't matter whether it was in the context of criminal investigation or the president's ability to fire independent federal officers at will.

So the confirmation of Kavanaugh would of course be a significant step in the right direction for those of us who believe constitutional order needs to be restored. On his final day of testimony Thursday, Kavanaugh's two daughters were among roughly 20 girls in Catholic school uniforms - players on basketball teams he has coached - who marched into the hearing room and took up seats behind Kavanaugh to make for an irresistible, if contrived, photo op. That prospect worries Democrats and heartens Republicans on volatile issues including abortion, gun rights, gay rights, the death penalty, religious liberty and business regulation. Trump appointed Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch a year ago. And once he was confirmed, he voted very differently. Over three days of non-stop interruptions and grilling from 21 senators, Judge Kavanaugh has proven he can exhibit and has exhibited these abilities over the past three days and over the entirety of his twelve-year career.

He said he regularly serves meals with Catholic Charities' St. Maria's Meals program in Washington and that talking to the people there helps him to understand the situation that they are in.

The hearing opened with Democrats complaining that various documents had not already been made public by the committee's Republican leaders.

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The governing Liberal Party is holding its caucus retreat in Saskatoon on Wednesday and Thursday and it's not known whether Ms. Still, "with a bit of flexibility, things could move quickly", the source added.

Chairman Grassley has released all requested documents. One of the documents, for instance, related to abortion.

"The way we stand up is by deciding cases and controversies independently without fear or favor", Kavanaugh said. "I think as a religious person, religious speech, religious ideas, religious thoughts, that's important", he said. And the fact that some of these documents were forced out gave the Democrats the chance to point out that they still had not seen more than 90 percent of Kavanaugh's White House documents from the Bush White House.

Senate Democrats have vowed a tough fight to block Kavanaugh.

Kavanaugh appears on track to win confirmation.

Two of the worst offenders were Democratic Sens.

TOTENBERG: Largely by treading water nicely. When the authors of the Constitution created the Judicial Branch and the concept of judicial review, they envisioned justices identical to Judge Kavanaugh to be a part of the highest court in the land.

SHAPIRO: NPR's Nina Totenberg, thanks for your coverage this week.

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