Scott Morrison’s Twitter video causing social media uproar

Rapper Fatman Scoop. He released his 1999 hit Be Faithful in collaboration with The Crooklyn Clan

SUPPLIED SYDNEY MORNING HERALD Rapper Fatman Scoop. He released his 1999 hit Be Faithful in collaboration with The Crooklyn Clan

"It's a humbling experience to be recognised by a high official (either Scott or his people thought of me)".

Some political observers said the post raised questions about whether Mr Morrison, who became prime minister three weeks ago, and his team were fully equipped for the top job.

The artist then said he "just doesn't know why they took it down", adding that it's "a fun PARTY SONG that has no NEGATIVITY or HARM in it!"

'Astounding if Morrison tweeted this.

Those lyrics, as you may remember from hearing them on dance floors at nightclubs after 2am, were Fatman Scoop repeatedly encouraging people to "get your hands up". / You got a twenty dollar bill, get your hands up!

The video was uploaded with the song "Be Faithful" by Fatman Scoop' which was uploaded in 2006, and played as the politicians were putting their hands in sync with the lyrics. "You got a fifty dollar bill, get your hands up!"

The clip was accompanied by a caption that read (and I apologise in advance for this): "QT was on fire today", followed by the fire emoji.

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The use of the song has got tongues wagging on Twitter, and most people are very confused.

The accompanying track - Be Faithful by hype man Fatman Scoop - left many puzzled.

'The full lyrics of the song used in my earlier video from QT today were just not OK, ' he tweeted. When I found out, I asked the team to take it down.

Despite the video being deleted from all of Mr Morrison's accounts, social media users retained the clip and it remains easily accessible on Twitter.

"Well s-t...looks like we will have a new PM in the morning", one person responded.

The song has several explicit lyrics.

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