Are Apple's New iPhones Too Big For Women's Hands?

Названа стоимость ремонта новых iPhone

iPhone XS, XS Max: First Impression

After rumours emerged that Apple will be releasing a new iPhone, it has now been revealed that the tech giant could be launching a number of new products including three new iPhones, an Apple Watch Series, a new iPad Pro and the Homepod Mini. Intertwined with Apple's support for augmented reality, more AI power could mean your iPhone to enrich you with better experience and transformation. But do they deliver? When you think that the iPhone XS Max has a 100 square centimetre display, that's a huge jump up. We see the lower price as evidence that Apple is pushing aggressively to move users onto more secure Face ID which may foreshadow Apple Pay enhancements in 2019.

"Some Series 4 and XS Max models sold out in less than a minute". It also comes with 256GB and 512GB storage options. iPhone XS Max also comes with the same storage configurations but at a higher starting price of $1,099. Well, almost. The budget iPhone XR still has some big black bars around that LCD panel but it's way better than the previous iPhones in terms of screen real estate.

On the software front, the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will run iOS 12 out-of-the-box. The part I didn't understand until I held one is that the phone's overall shape is actually very similar to last year's iPhone 8 Plus.

The iPhone XR apparently have a lower overall display pixel resolution than that of the iPhone 8 Plus at 1920 x 1080 compared to 1792 x 828, respectively.

What's impressive is how shockingly light the phone feels for a device with that much screen.

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The new iPhone models are powered by Apple's advanced A12 Bionic processor. Today, Sunday, September 16, is the last day Sam's Club is offering the free $100 gift card with the iPhone Xs activation.

British journalist Caroline Criado Perez told The UK Telegraph she suffered from a repetitive strain injury after using an iPhone 6, which has a 4.7-inch-wide screen, because it was too large for her grip. I cracked the screen on it while falling up a set of stairs, I got it repaired by Apple - an effort that ultimately broke it more - and in the end, I was given a refurbished version with a screen that wasn't quite attached properly.

Apple's phones are empowered with a new chip technology running on AI algorithms that assist the devices to understand the world around them.

Good luck ever putting it down.

The bigger phone obviously has a much bigger price.

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