Eight dead in Florence storm

Hurricane Florence kills mother and child as tree falls on North Carolina home

Florence power outages top 700,000, could hit 3 million as storm unleashes fury

Power outages affecting more than 900,000 in Carolinas.

State and Federal Emergency Management Agency officials, who have been on the ground in North Carolina for several days, already are talking about temporary housing options, state Division of Emergency Management director Mike Sprayberry said.

"We knew this was going to be a big storm, but it is going to be of epic proportions", North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper told a news conference in Raleigh.

Major river flooding expected to continue into early next week.

Homes have been washed away by storm surge or made unlivable by standing water, fallen trees or other debris. Along with other home cleanup and fix work ministries, Frazier said his group works to "basically restore somebody back to where they were as much as we can".

With the center of the storm still at sea early Friday, scores of residents had to be rescued from homes and the tops of cars in New Bern, North Carolina.

Tropical Storm Florence dumped "epic" amounts of rain on North and SC as it trudged inland on Saturday, knocking out power and causing at least eight deaths as flood waters that have devastated many communities kept rising.

The death toll climbed to at least seven.

The figure included a woman and her baby killed when a tree fell on their house, while a sixth fatality occurred in SC. A 78-year-old man was electrocuted attempting to connect extension cords while another man perished when he was blown down by high winds while checking on his hunting dogs, a county spokesman said.

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"The wind was so hard, the waters were so hard, that trying to get out we got thrown into trailers". A 61-year-old woman died Friday night when her auto struck a tree that fell during the storm, state emergency officials said. The Category 1 storm is expected to move further across parts of North Carolina and South Carolina Friday and Saturday. The death not related to the hurricane and it is under investigation. "We face walls of water".

On Twitter, Seidel did not bring up the controversy Saturday afternoon and began posting more storm updates.

"I can not overstate it: Floodwaters are rising, and if you aren't watching for them, you are risking your life", Gov. Roy Cooper said.

Jacob Fernandez (left) and Josh Fernandez play around on the tree that fell near their home as Hurricane Florence passed through the area on Friday in Bolivia, N.C. And there could be 10 inches (25 cm) in south-western Virginia. That, and the storm's vast circumference of hundreds of miles, means Wilmington will be inundated with rain, the advisory said.

As of Saturday morning, the storm had dumped over 30 inches of rain in parts of North Carolina. More than 60 people had to be rescued in another town as a cinderblock motel collapsed at the height of the storm's fury. Although the storm is passing north of Myrtle Beach, the concern now is that river water from North Carolina will flow into the area and combine with all the water that is already there.

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"Rivers are rising to risky levels, and the relentless rains will continue through the weekend", North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper warned on Friday.

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