United Kingdom to detail new Irish backstop proposals in due course - Raab

Brexit deal close, but EU needs to compromise, says UK's May

UK minister calls on EU to 'step back from the abyss'

A Brexit deal is close but the European Union needs to compromise, a German paper has quoted the British prime minister as saying, while Poles in the United Kingdom remain anxious as the deadline for the UK's divorce from the bloc draws nearer.

Mr Stride told Sky News: "When we have a firm deal on the table, I suspect that those to the right of the party - the pro-Brexit wing - will be very concerned that if that deal does not prevail, they will end up in the situation where we could have a second referendum or we could end up not leaving the European Union altogether, so there is a danger of that happening if Chequers does not prevail". "There will be no withdrawal agreement without a backdrop that protects the interests of all Ireland".

In a statement late Friday, EU President Donald Tusk said the British government had known of the bloc's objections to May's proposal for weeks - a direct rebuttal of her suggestion it hadn't explained its position.

He added that he trusted Mrs May will not, and is not, going back on the promises she made last December.

Chief EU negotiator Michel Barnier has said the EU is ready to offer a new proposal on the Irish border.

"Away from the discussion in the media, behind closed doors, I have the impression that both sides are aware that a solution can only be found if both sides make a move towards one another".

"I think the DUP would accept that Northern Ireland is different".

According to him, the agreement on Brexit will not be without a comprehensive agreement on the border between Ireland, which remains in the European Union, and Northern Ireland.

May welcomed his willingness to "find a new solution", and conceded that some checks were already carried out in the Irish Sea, on agricultural products.

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Speaking on the Marian Finucane programme, Mr Coveney said many people in Northern Ireland are "fearful".

On Friday, Mrs Foster also repeated her warning that her party will veto any "attempt to undermine the economic or constitutional integrity of the United Kingdom".

But with the talks deadlocked, Kurz confirmed Thursday there would be a final summit in November to clinch the deal.

Mr Hunt, who voted "remain" in the 2016 referendum on European Union membership, said that people in Britain were increasingly content to leave the bloc without a deal.

Over dinner on Wednesday, May had her first opportunity to present to fellow leaders her plan for the post-Brexit trading relationship, which was published in July.

The political turmoil has sparked growing calls in Britain for a re-run of the 2016 Brexit vote - calls echoed by both the Maltese and Czech leaders in Salzburg.

"While understanding the logic of the negotiations, I remain convinced that a compromise, good for all, is still possible", he said.

Britain started the process of leaving the European Union past year, with a final divorce date set for March 2019.

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