Desperate search for retired British man and his Thai wife feared dead

The couple were said to have been involved in a family feud

The couple were said to have been involved in a family feudVIRAL PRESS

They were reported missing from their house in Muang district last Thursday by a friend who said they had not replied to messages or phone calls since Tuesday, when they were supposed to have met up in Chiang Mai. They claim that Khun Warut moved the bodies to bury in the garden.

He said the killers had been traced after stealing the couple's pickup truck, and that they had confessed after their arrest to being hired by Nhot's brother to kill them.

The couple, who had been together for 30 years, were said to have been dead for about a week.

The wife's brother, Warut Satchakit, was arrested over the disappearance but bailed. Two pairs of shoes were found before the bodies were uncovered.

The men confessed to first shooting Hogg in front of the duck pen and then beating his wife to death with a hammer in the garage.

Investigators found out their white pickup truck was also missing.

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According to the Guardian, police said the three men arrested over the murders had informed them where the bodies were buried and that they would be recovered on Tuesday.

Major General Praputsra said that Alan's brother-in-law denied any involvement in their disappearance, saying he was only there to take the vehicle, and police did not have enough evidence to charge him.

"The brother-in-law had problems with money and there were family issues". The Lao man, hearing about police searching for the vehicle, reported to police on Sunday night, turning over the pick-up for examination.

"The three men conspired in the murder of the couple and our investigation is ongoing to determine exactly who did what", deputy police spokesman Colonel Kissana Phatanacharoen told Reuters.

He and the two sellers were then taken to Phra That Chor Hae police station, near the missing couple's home in Phrae, for interrogation.

Police were questioning the three people, hoping to find out what became of Mr Hogg and his wife.

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