Judge Rules Bill Cosby as ‘Sexually Violent Predator’

Bill Cosby departs the Montgomery County Courthouse on the first day of sentencing in his sexual assault trial

'America's Dad' Cosby to hear if he will face jail

She said she had been a "young woman brimming with confidence" before Cosby took that from her.

But no matter what the Constand family wants, with the lawyers' arguments on both sides and Cosby's inevitable appeal looming, that 30-year lockup just isn't going to happen. "The time has come", Montgomery County Judge Steven O'Neill said. The comedian was also deemed a "sexually violent predator", meaning he will have to register as a sex offender for the rest of his life.

If he must serve time, he could be taken into custody immediately after the judge pronounces the sentence.

The 2004 assault on Constand was the only one to lead to criminal charges. State guidelines recommend between one and four years for a single count.

On Tuesday, Constand submitted a victim impact statement to the judge, in which she recounted the day "a man I had come to know as a mentor and friend drugged and sexually assaulted me".

Constand went to police a year after waking up in a fog at Cosby's estate, her clothes askew, only to have the district attorney pass on the case.

Constand stood at Steele's side but shook her head to say she had no comment. "I don't think Bill Cosby has ever considered the pain and suffering this has caused us".

O'Neill says Cosby could "quite possibly be a danger to the community".

"The behaviors are beyond their controls, so they are urged to act on it". Cosby declined to participate in the evaluation by Dudley, who said she came to her determination by reviewing trial transcripts and other reports.

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Defense attorneys challenged her assessment that he would reoffend, saying that his age and blindness made it unlikely.

The judge is expected to sentence Cosby later Tuesday.

Cosby's wife, Camille, has not been present at the sentencing.

Cosby's lawyers had fought the "sexually violent predator" designation, arguing that Pennsylvania's sex-offender law is unconstitutional and that he is no threat to the public at his age.

When prosecutors told Cosby in court he would not have to inform Constand of his movements himself but that a proxy would do so, he replied: "Good!"

Constand, 45, offered a much different account during emotional and often excruciating testimony at Cosby's first trial in June 2017, which ended with a deadlocked jury, and again at his retrial five months ago.

Cosby arrived Monday with his spokespeople, Andrew Wyatt and Ebonee Benson. Cosby did not testify at either of his two trials. He also was ordered to pay a fine of $25,000 plus the costs of prosecution as part of the sentence. He posted $1 million bond and was held under arrest in the weeks leading up to his sentencing.

"The suggestion that Mr. Cosby is unsafe is not supported by anything other than the frenzy", Green said, as demonstrators gathered outside the courthouse.

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