Asus ROG Phone Price and Pre-Order Date Unveiled

Image Asus

Image Asus

Then, a few days ago we learned that the ASUS ROG Phone was getting ready to launch on October 18th and that it would be coming with a slew of (quite pricey) accessories for those who wanted in on the gaming smartphone ecosystem. It has a 6-inch, 2,160x1,080 AMOLED screen with a 90Hz refresh rate, 8GB of RAM, 128/512GB of storage, a 12/8-megapixel rear camera, an 8-megapixel selfie camera and a 4,000mAh battery. Today the company finally unveiled the gaming device's pricing. There's the cooling system, with the "AeroActive Cooler" module, programmable ultrasonic AirTriggers, and a USB-C port on the side so cables won't get in the way, no matter which orientation you play.

Now playing: Watch this: Asus' ROG Phone is a gaming phone with actual gaming. The full range of accessories available for the phone will also be available starting in Q4.

The gaming phone market is quite small but it's one of those nitches that could easily catch on if given the proper attention.

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The company has revealed that the Asus ROG Phone with 128GB internal storage will cost $899 while the 512GB internal storage model is priced at $1,099. A convenient mobile and desktop switch allows users to seamlessly transition from their phone to their desktop or gaming laptop, without having to adjust their current setup. The TwinView Dock adds a second screen to the phone, and that will cost $400. Though this list isn't exhaustive, some of these accessories include the attachable "Gamevice Controller" for $89.99, a custom ROG case for $59.99, and an "Asus Professional Dock" for $119.99. The Gamevice Controller can be purchased separately, at $89.99 United States dollars, and packs dual analog joysticks, left and right fire triggers and bumpers, a D-pad, along with A, B, X, Y and L3, R3 buttons.

The ROG Phone Case is created to provide premium protection for the ROG Phone, keeping it safe from everyday scratches, knocks and bumps.

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