Google Plus to close after bug leaks personal information

A bug in Google+ exposed the data of hundreds of thousands. Google covered it

A bug in Google+ exposed the data of hundreds of thousands. Google covered

In March, a security audit revealed a software bug that gave third-party apps access to Google+ private profile data that people meant to share only with friends. 'None of these thresholds were met in this instance.

To make sure something like this Google+ leak doesn't happen again, this new initiative is set out to protect user's privacy and limit the amount of data developers have access to across the web and Android.

Google found and patched the hole this March and an engineering team had briefed CEO Sundar Pichai on the issue along with its prposed intention to not disclose the vulnerability for fear of government investigation and loss of public trust. In addition, 438 third-party applications may have used the application programming interface, or API, that allowed possible access to the data, according to Google. The company adds that it can not confirm how many Google+ users were affected by this bug, but based on a detailed analysis it seems up to 500,000 Google+ accounts have been affected.

Google+ will come to an end for consumers next August, but business users will still be able to use the service as an internal corporate social network.

Google's latest efforts may be a few months too late, but the company is trying its best to calm some nerves after the latest security breach disclosure. However, the firm "found no evidence that any Profile data was misused".

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To save any of the data you shared on your Google+ account, including photos, visit Google Takeout's Download Your Data page, select Google+ (and any other Google products where you'd like an archive of your data). "Given these challenges and the very low usage of the consumer version of Google+, we chose to sunset the consumer version of Google+", Google said in the blog announcement.

Smith also announced in the blog post that Google will be launching more granular Google Account permissions and tightening up security permissions accessible via its APIs.

In response to the breach, Google is shutting down all consumer functionality of Google+.

Google is shutting down its failed social network and authentication system Google+. Now the bug in this API allowed access to private Profile fields of users to the Google+ apps.

Google claims there was no evidence of misuse of the data.

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