Apple will reportedly offer some original content for free via 'TV' app

Image HBO Apple

Image HBO Apple

As usual, Apple's mobile software is very rapidly adopted by consumers who own its products, in a stark contrast to Android, where an update needs to go through the company making the specific phone you have after it's been released by Google for its devices (which aren't selling in high enough numbers to make an impact in the charts).

Apple is betting big on its new digital media strategy with a new TV app.

The report pegs Apple's 2018 investments in original content at a total of "about $1 billion" Dollars, and previous reports show the company looking to deliver a wide variety of family-friendly, PG content.

Reports of Apple developing original TV programming have been pushed around for a while, but we never knew how exactly the company planned to push out said content. And the reason for that makes sense once you find out exactly how this new original content will be distributed by Apple. This combined streaming platform would live in the TV application that's already installed on iOS and Apple TV devices. Along with its free original content, Apple device owners will also get access to content from other services, through subscription-based "channels".

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There has always been rumour of Apple starting its own video subscription service to challenge Netflix. Or it might involve paying subscription fees for multiple services which can then be accessed through the one app. Sure, the "TV" app has helped with that now, but it still need to be improved in order to be as helpful as users want it to be.

Earlier this week, Apple confirmed that it will be releasing season two of Carpool Karaoke: The Series for free via the ‘TV app, starting October 12.

Thanks to CNBC, we now have our first details as to how we'll be able to access the Apple goodness.

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