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Distress levels on the rise among young Australians

The Lancet Commission on Global Mental Health and Sustainable Development urged high income countries such as the United Kingdom to spend 10% of their health care budget on mental health.

Over a third of respondents (35 per cent) identify themselves as suffering or having suffered from SAD - a type of depression that becomes more severe in winter.

Affective disorders affect 6% of the population every year, while substance use disorders affect 5%.

And 2012 gold medallist Grainger believes that creating a positive mental health environment will have major benefits for the GB squad and coaching staff. After working in the industry as a nurse for many years, I changed my focus, and took these basic skills with me to the Behavioral Health Division. In Zimbabwe, some community members are holding counseling sessions on public benches as a neutral space to have conversations about mental health struggles, and here in Canada, Bell Let's Talk Day continues to drive the conversation forward. "What can we do?" which is a click-worthy headline to be sure, but also a thought provoking one.

National Alliance for Mental Health: NAMI, the National Alliance on Mental Illness, is the nation's largest grassroots mental health organization dedicated to building better lives for the millions of Americans affected by mental illness.

In 2017, in Australia 3,128 people died from intentional self-harm, rising 9.1% from 2,866 in 2016. In an article published on The Guardian this week, the 32-year-old co-writes about the devastating number of people who take their own lives each year, and asks for global change in how mental health is viewed, treated and funded.

Venezuela faces calls for probe after opposition activist dies in custody
Alban , 56, was taken into custody Friday at Caracas' worldwide airport upon arriving from NY , according to his lawyer. The Organization of American States (OAS), a group of Western hemisphere countries, has condemned Alban's death.

"There remains significant under-investment in the mental health system. But I truly believe that secrets keep you sick", she said at a fundraiser in California. Young people living in situations such as these are particularly vulnerable to mental distress and illness.

"There is an urgent imperative to invest in youth suicide prevention where it is likely to have greatest impact - in our service system".

In light of this, Seymour stressed the importance of ensuring that island's young people are reminded that they have unconditional love and plenty of encouragement.

Speaking on the second day of the Global Ministerial Mental Health Summit in London, Mr Stevens said the "broader influences" on young people's mental health must be addressed.

But at the same time, World Mental Health Day is just that - a day.

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