Instagram Uses Machine Learning Technology to Track down Bullying in Images

Kindness camera effect with Maddie Ziegler                  Instagram

Kindness camera effect with Maddie Ziegler Instagram

Instagram is hoping to stop bullying on its platform with a little help from artificial intelligence.

"Online bullying is complex", Mosseri wrote in a blog post, recognizing that the current system of reporting and removing content that violates company guidelines isn't enough.

Instagram is taking a stand against cyber-bullying.

In addition to its anti-cyberbullying feature, Instagram has developed a new camera filter in partnership with dancer and active anti-bullying speaker, Maddie Ziegler, which Mosseri said is meant to "help spread kindness in Stories". This positive change will help them to identify the bullying and remove it. The Facebook-owned photo and video-sharing service has begun rolling out new tools that use machine learning to identify instances of bullying in photos, including captions, shared on its platform.

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To roll out officially in the coming weeks, the new tech gives the 'gram a better handle on in-app bullying.

Users will also be empowered to select the comments that appear during their live videos, meaning they can hide and filter out any bullying messages. This feature has been rolled out globally to all users. This step was very much needed as there are people who experience this bullying but don't report it.

Anyone who follows the teen star will have automatically have access to a special filter that sees hearts appear on their camera in selfie mode camera effect automatically. The technology that enables such detection was surveyed previous year by Wired, which highlighted the company's inner attempts at machine-learning comment filters. When using the device's rear camera, the mode adds kind comments onto the image in various languages.

By proactively tackling the issue, Instagram is making a concerted effort to keep the toxicity that has plagued other platforms off its network. Do you agree with the use of artificial intelligence in wiping out inappropriate comments or photos on the social media app?

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