Woman's emotional support squirrel kicked off flight

Woman's emotional support squirrel kicked off flight

Woman speaks out after mom booted from flight over 'emotional support' squirrel

(Note: Squirrels were not allowed even under the old policy.) Other airlines also have been cracking down, including United, Delta and American Airlines, which earlier this year tightened their rules, including requiring behavior training for the animals.

On Tuesday night, the Orlando Police Department was forced to remove a woman from a Frontier Airlines plane after she brought a squirrel on board.

The unnamed passenger claimed she had informed Frontier Airlines that she planned to bring "an emotional support animal" when booking the flight, which was bound for Cleveland, Ohio.

Despite being told the animal was not allowed she would not disembark and police had to be called to escort her away, delaying the flight by two hours.

But Monica told WKMG that she'd twice called the airline to double-check that the squirrel would be allowed on the flight, and was told that as long as Daisy remained in her pet carrier and Cindy provided a doctor's note, all would be well.

Videos of the incident went viral on social media but it seemed like quite an experience for the passengers.

"They made us deplane because a woman brought on a squirrel", one person wrote. Earlier this month, Frontier announced a new policy set to go into effect November 1 that includes limiting emotional support animals to just cats and dogs. Exotic animal exploits aside, NPR's David Schaper reported, emotional support animals can address very real problems as some passengers "with severe anxiety, phobias, PTSD or other disabilities cannot travel without them".

"Emotional Support" Squirrel results in disembarkment of the owner from an airplane.

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"It was just heartbreaking to me", Monica told Click Orlando.

"They were wrong for the way they treated my mom", said Monica Torok, the daughter or Cindy Torok.

The family plans to take action and fight for their rights.

"If you're not able to get the animal onboard, you may have to find another way to self-soothe and to make it tolerable for yourself", says Covelman.

"Some people take tranquilizers".

"It was emotional. We took off and I didn't have her with me", Torok said. "I don't want it on a plane that I have paid a seat on".

The woman boarded the plane but cabin crew soon found out that she was traveling with a squirrel.

If you're thinking of flying with an emotional support animal, you can register here.

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