Elizabeth Warren Releases DNA Test Results

Elizabeth Warren releases results of DNA test

Elizabeth Warren releases DNA test suggesting Native American ancestor

Elizabeth Warren on Monday released a report on a DNA analysis that provides strong evidence she does, in fact, have Native American heritage.

It also emphasizes Ms. Warren's claim that she never used her Native American heritage to get a job.

At a rally in July, the president fantasized about what he would say to Warren in a presidential debate.

Warren is seeking re-election to a second term in MA and is a potential 2020 presidential contender. "What do the facts say?" she asks him.

Professor Bustamante replies: "The facts suggest that you absolutely have Native American ancestry in your pedigree". Warren is shown nodding.

Warren, a Massachusetts Democrat, said last month she would take a "hard look" at running for the Democratic nomination to challenge Republican Trump in 2020.

The report found that the majority of Warren's identifiable ancestry is European. However, the report adds, "The analysis also identified 5 genetic segments as Native American in origin at high confidence".

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That means she could be as much as 1/32nd Native American, or as little as 1/512th. "Elizabeth Warren is a total fraud". Members of Warren's family express their disappointment with the president's taunts in a series of interviews.

"The first Native American in our family that can be proved is generations back, and the geneticist says there could be others", Ms. Warren wrote in a campaign email.

An ancestry-specific analysis concluded Warren's Native American ancestry falls between Canadian and Mexican indigenous populations, Bustamante said.

Warren had de-emphasized her Cherokee lineage since winning her Senate seat in 2012, but the president's use of the issue to marginalize her was always expected to become a flashpoint if the two were to go head-to-head in 2020. But Warren's video includes testimonials from faculty at Harvard Law, the University of Houston, University of Pennsylvania Law School and UT Austin School of Law insisting Warren's professional advancement was not tied to it.

"Her heritage had no bearing on her hiring".

Warren concedes in the video that she is not enrolled in any tribe, "but my family history is my family history". "I know that everybody likes to pick their junk science or sound science depending on the conclusion, it seems some days", Conway told reporters. "Maybe they do it to distract from the kinds of changes I'm fighting for".

Mr Trump has repeatedly dismissed Senator Warren's claim to Native-American ancestry, mocking his potential 2020 presidential election challenger by calling her "Pocahontas". "That's not what America stands for".

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