Ministry launches breast cancer awareness programme

Steps to find breast cancer early -- or keep it from happening

You're not alone: Cancer support groups want to make a difference

October is breast cancer awareness month, and thousands of organizations worldwide organise campaigns to highlight the importance of breast cancer awareness and most importantly the benefits that come with early detection.

Aiello also commended Olean firefighters for wearing pink in October in recognition of those who have fought the disease.

The Ministry of Health and Prevention, Mohap, has launched its month-long Breast Cancer Awareness and Prevention Programme to raise the community's awareness on early detection and diagnosis, prevention and treatment methods, and risk factors.

The largest borough event honoring breast cancer survivors and raising money to find a cure is coming up.

"This just brings so much pride especially when you consider the median salary of many of our Bronx survivors", she said, "These are people who have passion and who care". DREAM Inc. will award a special person battling breast cancer with a surprise donation at the end of the walk.

The first line of defense against breast cancer starts at home.

In the United States, roughly 1 in 8 women has the likelihood of developing invasive breast cancer during her life.

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"People need somebody to talk to and not feel like they're alone going through cancer", Williams said.

Her oncologist, Dr. Lauren Carcus at the Miami Cancer Institute at Baptist, said she typically sees patients who are under 40 because she herself is a younger oncologist. "I decided to make the most of it, because this holiday was all about the kids" enjoyment", says Ger. In some cases, blood has to be drawn.The Breast Center at Floyd also promises "Know in 24", which pro-vides results of mammograms within 24 hours.

The British public are advised to be "breast aware". "Most patients who get a mastectomy are those with high risk", Mugaba says.

Over the past five years, the organization has helped almost 300 women. most in their 20's, 30's and early 40's.

In the Philippines, breast cancer is considered the No. 1 type of cancer among women, and 20 women die of breast cancer every day, according to the Philippine Cancer Society. For five days FOX40 will focus on stories of survival, resources and support, and the latest advancements in breast cancer research and treatment. "That's the thing with cancer, life goes on regardless".

Ger goes to schools with Adrienne McCleery, an outreach nurse with BCI, who explains about breast cancer and teaches the girls how to self-check. "Under-standing if you or your family has an inherited genetic risk can help you take action to reduce your risk and improve your cancer screening strategies, and cancer genetics has progressed far beyond just breast cancer risk".

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