School cook who added kangaroo meat to chili loses job

School cook adds kangaroo meat to chili

Parents outraged after school secretly served up kangaroo chili for lunch

Williams said in a Wednesday letter to parents that Frei told him he'd augmented the chili's beef on October 10 with kangaroo meat because it is lean and nutritious.

The marsupial meat was served to students at the middle and high school in western Nebraska.

Students were unknowingly served kangaroo meat at a high school in Nebraska's Potter-Dix district on October 10. Superintendent Mike Williams apologized in his letter to parents, and said it won't happen again.

Williams wrote a letter to parents on Wednesday and said the school will "no way be serving food of this nature again".

If we were to have food or ingredients that are out of the ordinary, they should be listed on the menu to that the students and families are aware what they would be served.

While the superintendent stated that he does not believe that the kangaroo meat was unhealthy or unsafe because it met USDA standards for sale, the district vowed to not serve food of this nature again.

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According to KSID Radio, Frei was sacked from the school district this week.

The Potter site is taking this situation very seriously.

Apparently, school officials don't reckon kangaroo meat is risky or unhealthy, and believe it meets USDA standards that are required for companies to sell it. Apparently, the kangaroo meat is just too exotic. "It has to meet USDA standards in order for companies to sell it".

Australia's kangaroo meat exports are also growing by about 10 per cent per annum, with about 4,000 tonnes sent overseas past year.

"People in America expect it to taste like game meat, like buffalo or moose", Jordan said, according to Esquire. "Kangaroo is very lean; there's no fat on it at all".

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