Google’s First Multiplayer Game Is A Highly Addictive Halloween Doodle

Today’s Google Doodle is a Halloween-themed multiplayer game

Google’s Doodle for Halloween is a surprisingly fun multiplayer game

Just in time for Halloween 2018, Google has released The Great Ghoul Duel, a team-based multiplayer Google Doodle game in which players race to collect spirits and bank them back at their base.

Google's first interactive Doodle was back in May 2010 when the company made the logo on its homepage into a recreation of Pac-Man to celebrate the arcade game's 30th anniversary.

Before venturing in, though, a word of warning: If it's like Google's other Doodle games, it'll likely be highly addicting.

Opposing teams can steal each other's flames with a swipe, and use power-ups that get stronger as more flames are collected.

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If this one is as addictive like its predecessor, it's probably best to avoid it during working hours - or just don't let your boss see you playing it. Users play as either green or purple ghosts to collect as many spirit flames for their side in two minutes.

Finally, Google wants to remind us that its image search is a great place to go for pumpkin carving inspiration. Bring them to your base to collect bonuses such as a speed boost.

The spirit flames are located around several Halloween-themed maps that players navigate through using either a mouse or arrow keys. The team with the most spirit flames wins the match. Click on it to start the game. Hosting gives you a special link you can share with friends so they can join your game.

To enable multiplayer gaming, the Google Doodle team used systems running on the Google Platform, including Open Match - an open source framework for matching up sets of players around the world.

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