LGBTQ Brazilians on edge after self-described ‘homophobic’ lawmaker elected president

Jair Bolsonaro supporters rally in Rio de Janeiro

Sputnik Thales Schmidt'Tropical Trump Bolsonaro Poised for Victory in Brazil's Presidential Runoff

Mr. Bolsonaro swept a runoff election over the weekend, winning almost 55% of the vote to defeat the left-of-centre Fernando Haddad. The Sao Paulo stock market closed up 3.69% on the news. "It's not going to work", Guedes said.

Although his campaign coalition was called "God above all" (Deus acima de todos), The Catholic Agency For Overseas Development (CAFOD) said Bolsonaro's policies will persecute the social movements that protect environmental defenders.

Others said that Bolsonaro and President Donald Trump shared similar positions which would lead to a mutually beneficial relationship between the two countries.

Bolsonaro has publicly mocked women and their appearance - once telling a female lawmaker that, "I wouldn't rape you because you don't deserve it" - mocked minority groups, threatened to jail his political opponents and warned that immigrants are eroding Brazilian culture.

The protesters marched in the evening with a banner reading "Dictatorship, never again" - a reference to Bolsonaro's outspoken admiration for the brutal military regime that ruled Brazil from 1964 to 1985. They say it's because they're more afraid of his opposition.

"I first want to thank God", Bolsonaro told supporters in a video transmitted from his home in Rio, recounting how he was stabbed while campaigning last month and nearly died.

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An outspoken admirer of US President Donald Trump, Bolsonaro also pledged to realign Brazil with more advanced economies, overhauling diplomatic priorities after almost a decade and a half of leftist rule.

Paulo Guedes, whom Bolsonaro selected as a "super minister" with a portfolio combining the current ministries of finance, planning and development, has urged Congress to pass an initial version of pension reform before the January 1 inauguration. In his decades as a Congressman, he has been particularly vocal about his distaste for gays: He has said that he would rather his son die in an accident than be gay; has advocated that parents should beat being gay out of their children; and in 2013 proclaimed, "Yes, I am homophobic - and very proud of it". "A lot of people don't have the right information".

The former army captain has promised heightened power to the military and to the police, including the ability to kill suspects.

One of the key polarizing issues concerned educational materials about gender identity that were proposed for classrooms.

"The PT elected Bolsonaro", he said in an interview published Wednesday.

"We have the responsibility to mount an opposition, putting national interests, the interests of the entire Brazilian people, above everything", Haddad said in a speech to supporters.

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